# whoami

Hi, if you are here it means that you are interested in knowing me and evaluating my experience, well, I am honored that you want to give me part of your time!

First I would like to talk to you about how I am: I consider myself a transparent person, sociable and well disposed to change, I like comparisons in general but I hate impositions. I do not tolerate well those who tell me “do this” without contextualizing what is happening: not that I do not trust, but if we were to work together I hope you want a person who gives added value to your decisions and not one who blindly obeys. Keep this in mind, for me, the team does the work, not the individual.

I am not a serial performer!
If I have to deal with a repetitive task that I estimate will take me more than a couple of hours, I prefer to create an ad-hoc script rather than manually repeating the same thing. Maybe I can be slower, but surely the result will be subject to less.

I don’t believe in working hours!
As you well know, who work in the IT world know that the hours are often variable and sometimes they exceed the canonical eight hours/days. Sometimes, however, we live days where being in the office eight hours is not necessary.
Therefore, as in case of need I am willing to stay in the small hours, I must have in front of me a person who does not turn up his nose if I close the day two hours early.

I am analytical and critical!
If we will work together it is good that you know this right away.
If there is something that I think can be improved I do this, words do not die in my mouth. However, it is equally essential that you know that when I do it, in addition to being in good faith, it is courteous, constructive and I propose alternative solutions.

# cat /proc/info/me

I was born as a web programmer but after five years I decided to change course and become a systems engineer.

I have a strong experience in networking and Linux systems (RedHat / Debian and derivatives), I also deal with virtualization infrastructures and – after over twenty years of experience in the field – with cybersecurity.

# apropos me

Explaining what I do is complex: this is a common problem for people like me who have been employed in the same company for over 16 years.
On the one hand (perhaps) you lose some of that defined identity, on the other hand, you learn a multitude of skills that go beyond what is your original qualification.

Today I am employed in a multinational and I deal with infrastructures: I design, analyze and build network infrastructures and manage, among other things, a small team made up of three excellent collaborators.
Of course, I’m not just dealing with this.

Over the years I have also returned to dealing with software development, both personally (no web) and as coordinator of a development team.
Honestly, although I took home several medals, the coordinator part of the development team never got me too excited.

# cat ~/.bash_history

I was born in April 1982 and in 1988 I got my first personal computer, an Olivetti M200.
For years I considered myself a geek then, when in 1990 I started going to the first BBS, I realized that in reality the more correct name was “hacker” even if, actually, I have never considered myself as such.