Preambolo In data 10 Dicembre 2021 in Apache Log4j2 è apparsa una vulnerabilità di tipo RCE (Remote Code Execution).Grazie a questa vulnerabilità classificata come 0-day un utente malintenzionato può inviare una richiesta HTTP, modificando opportunamente lo user-agent (AGGIORNAMENTO del 12-12-2021: o qualsiasi altro verbo HTTP) della stessa, al fine di eseguire codice arbitrario caricato su … Leggi tutto

Security Posture Assessment

Security architecture reviews are non-disruptive studies that uncover systemic security issues in the assessed environment. They are ideally suited for organizations wanting to maximize their return on any security technology investment by evaluating their needs and validating the security of their existing deployments. The result is an actionable roadmap to help remediate identified security deficiencies. … Leggi tutto

Active Directory GPO auditing

Audit events in your environment is crucial for the discovery and investigation of security incidents: it is also important to know the best practice for configuring the Windows Server 2016/2019 policy.Here’s a list of my presonal tips which I normally implement in my organization.DISCLAIMER: images are not from my lab (except for the log view), … Leggi tutto

Active Directory GPO best practices

I wanted to write these tips to make all Microsoft system administrators aware of ten “tips” immediately applicable on their infrastructures to increase the security level in Active Directory.The list is obviously not exhaustive, the idea is to shed light on those less implemented but – in my opinion – important policies.Happy reading. 1. Prevent … Leggi tutto